Wednesday, 24 February 2010

The power of the blog

Having claimed that this blog helped embarrass The Bulletin into not running their Mooney/Hill poll on the front page as we might otherwise expect, dare I be so brash as to claim success in achieving the opposite and embarrassing Council into action?
Following this story about the state of the parks and verges on Townsville’s major tourist attraction on the eve of a visit by 80 tourism junketeers from all over Qld, the grass got mowed today - as the picture at right show.
All power to the bloggers!


swampy said...

The fact is Jenny Hill flogged Mooney in the honest stage thats the first day till about 2 PM as others noted here and a far .
by 9 PM the first night then figures started to get rubbery .

Polling in the early stages mirrored the last council election as the bogans gave Mooney a real hiding as they will in any future election

Lets face it love or hate Jenny Hill shes is the only one kicking heads in the council full of loosers

They have F**ked this city in two years turn this in to Boganville an extention of Thuringowa

Island View said...

@Swampy - I couldn't agree more