Tuesday, 23 February 2010

TCC - Just busy, just saving money, or just dumb

Today’s story in the Bully about the dangers of walking to Rasmussen State School is of course a bit of a worry for any parent whose kids use the overgrown goat track. But I can understand Cr Last’s response if it is indeed private land that is involved (although you have to wonder who is responsible for the walking track sign that is shown in the hard copy version of the page two pic).

The pic attached here though is most certainly Council land – right on the main strip from Nelly Bay to Picnic Bay and across from the Childcare Centre.
In previous wet seasons Council staff would be out on their mower at the first sign of the grass getting any higher than a few centimetres. In fact the Parks Department always made a point of saving their overtime until this time of year so that they could ensure that the Island’s parks and verges were kept pristine.

Could it be that TCC are on a savings drive this year? Not a smart move given the importance of the island to the town’s tourism industry.

I’m sure that the 80 tourism industry types from around the State who are visiting the island today will be as impressed at the ratepayers who’ve coped a 32% increase in their rates since the current council came to power.

Cr Last will have to lift his game if he really expects to be a contestant in the next Mayoral race

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