Thursday, 21 July 2011

Can you find the Townsville Bulletin?

John Sherffius says it all again.  Can you find the Townsville Bully in the trash pile? 

I though that it could be the red speck about 1/3 of the way up on the left but then it's way too big and it's the wrong colour! 

Any ideas?

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Andrew Bolt's next conspiracy story:

"It's all all a publicity stunt" or "It's all a result Julia's knifing"

Which will it be?

Friday, 15 July 2011

The funniest story on earth (as reported in the Townsville Bulletin)

Yes, I'm still here!  My apologies to any regular visitors for the 'little' hiatus in my posts - put it down to a combination of work and other things going on in my life and arriving at a point of total despair at the state of the mainstream media in Australia and locally.

So what would break me out of all of that and and lead me back to the blog?  Why, the funniest story for decades of course, the one which brings an instant smile to my face with every new day's revelations - the crashing and burning of brand Murdoch (and potentially his empire)!

While there are plenty of others writing about what has to be the best and biggest spectator sport on earth at present, I'm currently particularly enjoying watching the developing blood-lust in (all but Murdoch) media's reportage of the action - it's sort of like watching Frankenstein's monster feeding on the corpse of the dead Doctor.

And of course then there's the Murdoch press reportage of the biggest media story for decades.  And what better example is there of the Empire's commitment to truth and balance that our very own Townsville Bulletin?

Their coverage of the crisis engulfing their Empire over the last few days?
  • Wednesday 13/07 - nothing
  • Thursday 14/07 - a 7x6.5 cm piece on page 19 or 0.10% of the 40 page edition
  • Friday15/07 - a 7x6.5 cm piece on page 38 or 0.08% of the 52 page edition
And of course these little snippets are not available online and were hidden away in the "World Snapshot" section of the Bully - not so much because no one will notice it there but rather because when they do The Empire's local minions want the reader to be left with the impression that "the troubles" are restricted to quaint old England.

Surely there's nothing more pathetic than watching this blimp on the periphery of The Empire desperately protecting it's little patch while Rome burns.  And burns and burns and burns.