Thursday, 25 February 2010

Another Bully beat-up

I got all excited when I unrolled this morning’s Bulletin and saw the front page. “Razor gang hacks budget” screams the headline followed by a list of Council budget items that are presumably going to be “hacked” – items that are sure to raise the punters’ ire (security cameras, public toilets, community grants etc).

Read the full story on page four though and you see that these, along with every other Council Budget line, are up for review in the budget process – as you would expect of a sound financial manager. None of the headline items splashed on the front page have actually been slashed (yet) – no decisions seem to have been made. But read the editorial and the shopping list has actually become a “plan”.

They probably have suckered a few more paper sales as a result and I’m sure the Bully will get an extra page of text messages to publish tomorrow.

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