Friday, 30 October 2009

How do I get a free add like this

Page 10 of the Bully today has a ¾ page article about the Seaview Hotel (no link available) by Ryan Matheson. I diligently read the dribble expecting some exciting news about redevelopment of the tired old drinking hole / fight venue / wet T-shirt exhibition centre only to discover in the last para a not very well disguised plug for cheap drinks this weekend

Yoof bashing - always good for a headline

Yet another Bully beat-up - Their front page splash this morning announces that gang warfare has erupted in the town.
Despite twice quoting the Police that they had no information that the "attack" was gang related, Andrew Strutton's report takes the comments of one young witness as sufficient 'evidence' to assert that gang warfare is about to explode in the city. And of course, the ever quick on the up-take Councillor Last, uses the Bully's report of the issue to warn of the impending arming of the 'gangs' and forthcoming death in our streets.

Mind you – it all makes for a better headline that “Kids fight after school”.
And speaking of kids – I wonder how all of the young people who attended the Full Noise Music Festival would appreciate being called such on the cover page add for the Loop Magazine article about the festival?

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Another win for the developers

So, the developers win again. Today's announcement in the Bully that Townsville City Council has approved a new housing development on Cape Pallarenda would come as no surprise to many.

Clearly, TCC is not worried by the prospect of future litigation from those who build in the new development and who may be affected by the predicted sea rises likely to result from Global Warming.

And the Bully is clearly incapable of drawing any link between its page-10 report yesterday on the findings of the Parliamentary Inquiry into climate change and environmental impacts on coastal communities and TCC's decision. Rather, as you would expect from a rag that had developers as a major source of advertising revenue, they chose to trot out the Deputy King's assertion that the decision is a win-win for all involved.

Well, it is certainly a win for Lancini and the top end of town but even putting rising sea levels aside, I for one wouldn’t want to be in one of the brand spanking new McMansions that are bound to be built there come the next cyclone!

Monday, 26 October 2009

Palm Island, The Townsville Bulletin & Greek Mythology

Unfortunately, the Townsville Bully don’t have Saturday’s article by John Andersen about the Palm Island Community Company (“Island hit by Trojan Horse” page 20) available on-line and I haven’t as yet worked out how to make scans of large articles available to readers here.

The article in question is yet another example of the lazy research that passes as journalism in this town. In essence, the article repeats accusations by a number of Islanders that the Qld Government’s establishment of the Palm Island Community Company (with the support of the Island Council) was a “Trojan Horse” designed to take-over community run organizations and in so doing disempower locals.

In true Bully style, Andersen of course fails to seek any comment from either the relevant Minister or the Community Company (itself and Indigenous-run organization).

To be fair though, in some 88 column-centimetres it does, in a sentence or two, allude to the fact that control of Government funding is only diverted to the Community Company where the community organisations involved fail to meet the obligations and standards which come with that funding

What future for the Townsville V8's

Given the morphing of the Gold Coast Indy into the GG V8's you have to wonder what the future of the racing dinosaurs is in Townsville – can Queensland support two events?

And with today’s report in the Bully that The Cowboy’s numbers are down by 30% and recent reports of the difficulties that The NQ Fury are having in attracting anyone to their games or even keeping their sponsors, you have to wonder whether the town has reached the limits of its capacity to support professional sorting events.

Makes John Quiggin’s questioning of Government investments in such event’s even more pertinent.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Rules of Engagement

Welcome to Blogging Townsville.
We established this Blog to provide a forum where residents and friends of Townsville can critique what is happening in our fair city.
Given the nature of this town and the fact that many of us have to do business here, many contributors have to unfortunately stay anonymous.
The rules of play on this Blog are simple:
  1. Thou shalt show each other respect. We don’t care if the other commenter is a moron. Thou wilt not call them a moron.
  2. You can however criticise a thought or idea. As in “that is a moronic idea”. Criticise the idea, not the person.
  3. Don’t write anything that is defamatory or breaks copyright or is threatening. Firstly 'cos it breaks Rule One and Secondly 'cos then the policeman will come to my house. In uniform.
  4. No spurious advertising.
  5. No spam.
  6. No pornography, racist or otherwise discriminating remarks , threats to cause physical or mental harm, offensive language, material that breaks any law or otherwise totally unacceptable posts or links
  7. Our word is final. This is not a democracy. If we delete a comment don’t keep coming back to repost - go pollute your own blog, facebook, twitter, Myspace or whatever.