Wednesday, 24 February 2010

It’s official, Mooney knows more nerds than Hill

I see The Bulletin sheepishly published its online poll results in a small article at the bottom for page two today (not online).

As I know that they monitor this blog daily and they no doubt saw my posts here and here (my final tally was 25 votes before got bored with it), perhaps I should claim some credit for their not beating it up into a front page story as we would otherwise expect?

At least the Cairns Post is smart enough to not publish the vote count on their online polls!

The only thing that the poll proves is that Tony Mooney was able to muster more nerds to lodge multiple votes (or has more kids) than Jenny Hill.

The last word however goes to RobbO on the Bully’s feedback page

(The) claim that the Bulletin on-line poll is representative of residents (Bulletin 23-10) couldn't be further from the truth. The on-line poll could not possible be used to generalise the residents views on anything, as it a at best a sub-set of Bulletin readers who own a computer.

Also it is self selective and not a random sample which again means it is difficult to get quality data.

Finally it would appear that people can lodge multiple votes, this alone makes any data collected unreliable as it is open to manipulation. (Seems that RobbO is a reader of Blogging Townsville too)
So by all means refer to it as an on-line poll but it should never be claimed to be anything more, that would be quite misleading.

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