Monday, 27 September 2010

Katter neutered (still) and it's everybody else's fault

Bob Katter's approach to deciding which main party he was going to support to form Government delivered him and his electorate exactly the same degree of relevance, power and influence that they have 'enjoyed' since he was first elected as an independent - zilch, zip, nil.

I'd actually argue that, knowing Gillard would form Government, he quite deliberately chose Abbott,  to ensure that he wouldn't have to find himself in a position of voting for anything that was contentious in Kennedy.  It's an old school act from an old school backbencher - keep your head down and do as little parliamentary work as possible so that you can maximise your time with the punters in the electorate's pubs, fetes and race meetings while blaming everybody else for the lack of progress on local issues.

Maybe he is now so bent on blaming everyone else because he's finally worked-out how obvious and therefore vulnerable his position is? Or maybe he's just p*ssed at having to finally do some work as a parliamentarian (as opposed to politician)

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