Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Mudoch's approach to his papers' critics - will Island View be next?

I'm well aware that, like its big sister The Oz, our provincial rag the Bulletin has a lot of trouble with its online critics.

In case you haven't caught up - the Oz yesterday outed the identity of anonymous blogger and Murdoch press critic, Grog's Gamut, who just happens to be a public servant in real life.

Kim at Larvatus Prodeo has a great listing of the Blogosphere's reaction to the Oz article as does Tobias Ziegler at Pure Poison in his piece The Grog’s Gamut outing: In whose interest?

Update:  Kim at Larvatus Prodeo has an updated posting on what is now being called 'grogsgate' here

The general online reaction has been rightfully savage - particularly in pointing out the Murdoch press's self interest in doing as they did. 

But I wonder if the episode is more a reflection of their insecurity?  It's pretty clear that the Murdoch press in particular can't handle analytical criticism that shows up the quality of their journalism for what it is.

Which leads me to also wonder whether The Townsville Bulletin will try and out me?  I know they have spent a lot of time and energy in trying to work out my identity and that they certainly don't like criticism


Craig Thomler said...

There's a (hopefully) complete list of articles related to #Groggate in eGovAU - http://egovau.blogspot.com/2010/09/when-traditional-media-exposes-public.html



Anonymous said...

The heading is a typo right?