Wednesday, 22 September 2010

The Townsville Bulletin called to account by the Townsville establishment

I had thought about posting in response to the Townsville Bulletin's trash-piece about school bullying in what must have been a slow news day last Saturday - but to be honest, I was way too busy to pause and bash my head against that particular brick wall.

However, in today's Bully, there is a couple of great letters in response to the 'article' by the Ryan Catholic College community.  In particular, the letter from the school Principal is well worth a read (click on the graphic for a readable version) - pointing out as it does at length the appalling journalism/professionalism represented in the original article by Alexis Gillham.

Interestingly, the Editor of the Bully chose not to make the letter available online or to comment on it as he so often does when his rag is criticised (including [anonymously] through the comments on this blog).

Could this be an admission that the Ryan Principal nailed the paper for what it is and for which there is no defence - a wholly unprofessional regional bullsheet?

Or perhaps the Ed. remembered exactly how much the Catholics spend in advertising in his rag each month and decided to back-off?  Still, they couldn't even come to write a reasonable header for the letter - "Sticking to the rule of pair play" it reads (whatever that means).  They couldn't even come at using the more appropriate and accurate, "Sticking to the rule of fair play"!!

Trash journalism from a trash advertising rag.

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