Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Help spread the word

Occasional guest blogger Slim asked me recently, "Is it worth the effort".
My reply: "It is for now. I enjoy getting up the bully’s nose and putting my view out there so, for now, I’m happy to keep going"

But the more readers and contributors Blogging Townsville has, the more we get up the mainstream media's collective nose, and the more incentive we have to keep going. So help spread the word:

1. The poster
  • click on the poster to see it full-size and print, or

  • right click, save picture as and then print it off with your picture management software or insert it into a word doc for printing

  • Stick it on the noticeboard at work or at the bowls club - do it boldly and let them think that you might just be the real Island View
2.  The Email
3.  The Post
  • write a blog post about just about anything (but sticking to the current tone of Blogging Townsville would be good)

  • check that it meets our Rules of engagement and email it to me at

  • When i email you the link for your post, forward it to all your mates - bragging about being published if you think it will help
4.  Come back regularly, subscribe: Email RSS feed
     ...on Twitter
     ...on Facebook Bookmarking us

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