Friday, 16 April 2010

Does Lindy Nelson-Carr know who she's dealing with

"When a government committee wants to conduct an enquiry based on a report, it is usually wise to do some digging into the source of that report. One major thing to watch out for is the credibility of the report’s author/s and if they happen to be dubious then you have a problem before you even start. It should be especially alarming, if the dubious source is a group of evangelists, anti-drug nutters, religious right fundamentalists, Drug Free Australia ..."
Our own Lindy Nelson-Carr Chairs the Social Development Committee of Parliament - a quaint tradition designed to keep backbenchers busy and which it seems is conducting an inquiry into Addressing Cannabis-Related Harm  that ticks all of these boxes.  This post by Terry Wright in the The Australian Heroin Diaries is a brilliant unpicking of Drug Free Australia and the report that Lindy's Committee is basing its enquiry on.

It got me doing a bit of my own digging about DFA - I didn't even know there were people still around (like DFA Director John Barich) that belong to the National Civic Council !!! See

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