Thursday, 25 February 2010

Is Peter Lindsay running for State parliament?

You'd think that Peter Lindsay was a State MP given the amount of time and effort he puts into State issues. His letter to the editor today is a case in point (not online) – ripping into the State Minister, Kate Jones, for announcing last Friday a worrying lead level reading in Mount Isa and the process the State would take to confirm if there was a problem and, if there was, their approach to handling the polluter.

No doubt Jones milked the story for all it was worth at the time and no doubt Xstrata understood the game, but if I lived in the Isa, I would have wanted to know.

Maybe Peter is looking for a consultancy with Xstrata in his coming retirement? He’s certainly not helping his LNP replacement by spending his time and effort bashing up the State Government when the Feds are supposed to be his target.

He’s probably made no friends at the Bully either, having pointed out their headline beat-up “Xstrata to be prosecuted over air pollution”

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