Thursday, 29 October 2009

Another win for the developers

So, the developers win again. Today's announcement in the Bully that Townsville City Council has approved a new housing development on Cape Pallarenda would come as no surprise to many.

Clearly, TCC is not worried by the prospect of future litigation from those who build in the new development and who may be affected by the predicted sea rises likely to result from Global Warming.

And the Bully is clearly incapable of drawing any link between its page-10 report yesterday on the findings of the Parliamentary Inquiry into climate change and environmental impacts on coastal communities and TCC's decision. Rather, as you would expect from a rag that had developers as a major source of advertising revenue, they chose to trot out the Deputy King's assertion that the decision is a win-win for all involved.

Well, it is certainly a win for Lancini and the top end of town but even putting rising sea levels aside, I for one wouldn’t want to be in one of the brand spanking new McMansions that are bound to be built there come the next cyclone!

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