Friday, 30 October 2009

Yoof bashing - always good for a headline

Yet another Bully beat-up - Their front page splash this morning announces that gang warfare has erupted in the town.
Despite twice quoting the Police that they had no information that the "attack" was gang related, Andrew Strutton's report takes the comments of one young witness as sufficient 'evidence' to assert that gang warfare is about to explode in the city. And of course, the ever quick on the up-take Councillor Last, uses the Bully's report of the issue to warn of the impending arming of the 'gangs' and forthcoming death in our streets.

Mind you – it all makes for a better headline that “Kids fight after school”.
And speaking of kids – I wonder how all of the young people who attended the Full Noise Music Festival would appreciate being called such on the cover page add for the Loop Magazine article about the festival?

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