Monday, 26 October 2009

Palm Island, The Townsville Bulletin & Greek Mythology

Unfortunately, the Townsville Bully don’t have Saturday’s article by John Andersen about the Palm Island Community Company (“Island hit by Trojan Horse” page 20) available on-line and I haven’t as yet worked out how to make scans of large articles available to readers here.

The article in question is yet another example of the lazy research that passes as journalism in this town. In essence, the article repeats accusations by a number of Islanders that the Qld Government’s establishment of the Palm Island Community Company (with the support of the Island Council) was a “Trojan Horse” designed to take-over community run organizations and in so doing disempower locals.

In true Bully style, Andersen of course fails to seek any comment from either the relevant Minister or the Community Company (itself and Indigenous-run organization).

To be fair though, in some 88 column-centimetres it does, in a sentence or two, allude to the fact that control of Government funding is only diverted to the Community Company where the community organisations involved fail to meet the obligations and standards which come with that funding


Anonymous said...

what r the standards 4 funding and what time periods, info and assistance where original organisations given before deemed failing

Island View said...

I can't answer your questions @Anonymous but my point exactly!! - the story should never have been published without this sort of information / analysis included.