Monday, 23 August 2010

Election 2010 - Murdoch wins & Katter decides the future of a nation

For what it's worth, may assessment of the Election outcome as we understand it this morning:
  • Murdoch won the contest by and easy margin with The Australian supported by Sky News a close second

  • The Rudd Factor - rubbish - he suffered a 10% swing in his own seat

  • The Rudd Leaks Factor - lethal!

  • Only Gillard has the personal skills to manage a collaboration with the Independents - the Tories' natural 'born-to-rule" world view will be an anathema to the independents

  • Bob Katter will decide who will govern Australia and how!  VERY SCARY!!!
Oh, and about Tony Mooney - well I told you so!  I only hope the ALP learns something about how and who it preselects as it's representative.

... and as for Ewen What's-his-name-see the last paragraph of this piece in today's Bully:

"...Mr Jones said one of his early priorities would be to get Townsville on the weather map and to support Free Sauce Friday"

Not as scary as Bob Katter deciding the fate of the nation, but the punters of Townsville didn't come back with much from their day at the races Saturday

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