Thursday, 29 July 2010

Richard Farmer puts his money on Mooney losing Herbert

I see that Richard Farmer - that warhorse of the left, noted drinker, long-time punter and PoliticalOwl has the Libs at a 69% probability to win Herbert in his Election Form Guide

In short The Owl's current advice is:
  • Back Labor in these seats: Braddon, Brisbane, Lindsay, Dobell, Deakin, Forde, Bass, Corangamite, Hasluck, McEwen, Leichhardt, Swan, Dawson, La Trobe, Stirling and Sturt.
  • Back the Coalition in: Eden Monaro, Bennelong, Longman, Macarthur, Hughes, Macquarie, Dickson, Herbert, Bowman, Canning, Paterson, Wright and Wentworth. 


Mestrem said...

Try learning to spell. It makes you look silly not knowing the difference between the words loose and lose. They have two totally different meanings. WTF does 'loosing' mean? Is there such a word?

toby said...

how can mooney 'loose' something he never had? beat up

Island View said...

Thanks for the edit Mestrem