Friday, 9 July 2010

Mooney must be sweating

Tony Mooney must be wondering whether he's gonna repeat in Herbert what he did in Mundingburra:
  • He's lost his apparent key supporter in Kevin Rudd who, if The Bulletin is to be believed, intervened personally to ensure his preselection

  • Within days of her becoming PM, Gillard visited the next-door seat of Dawson  to announce her Super Profits Tax deal and give Mike Brunker plenty of head space in the evening news.

  • The Libs or the LNP or whatever they are called are already out-spending the ALP in Herbert by 10:1

  • The ALP's local troops in Herbert are still pissed that they were denied the right to select their own candidate
And today comes the news (via that Betfair gives Herbert to whoever that guy is who's running against Mooney:
A bit of a worry for the boy - especially given that theoretically he starts with a 0.4% margin!

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