Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Peter Lindsay's PET program, the longest gestation in history

New Contributor Dee posts:
The Liberals or the LNP have had Peter Lindsay MHR as Canberra's representative in Herbert since 1996; thirteen years consecutively. Now in 2010 as the time for the next federal election comes closer, here is Tony Abbott "promising" that the LNP will deliver a PET scanner "immediately".

The LNP now say "four years is too long to wait" and compare themselves favourably with the ALP's claim that they will deliver a PET scanner in 2014.

This glaring inconsistency will not be missed by any elector in Herbert, so one of the rhetorical questions has to be "how many people do the LNP think they are going to deceive?"

The other hilarious part in all of this is the claim from Tony Mooney's pamphlet that the "Life Saving PET Scanner Delivered for North QLD" - past tense for something "promised" to happen in 2014. Same question about deception applies.

I can hardly wait for the new LNP candidate to promise that the LNP will "flood proof the Bruce Highway" which was always the favourite of Peter Lindsay at every federal election. Never delivered on that one either.
Thanks again Dee and welcome on board.
I too have been noticing the seemingly daily full-page ads in The Bulletin featuring The Monk and his Pet. At $3,500 a pop minimum this strikes me as an 'interesting' tactic this far out and perhaps and indication of how cashed-up the Libs are going into the election - no doubt thanks to the Miners.

Or maybe they're just stupid - spend $3.5 grand a day and not once mention the local candidate's name (what-ever it is) is just plain strange!

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Anonymous said...

PET Scanners were not invented in 1996. You tell lies