Tuesday, 30 March 2010

What would JC say ?

Hot on the heels of international outrage at the Catholic Church’s propensity for protecting and excusing (or is that forgiving) child rapists within its power structure, comes news today of that nine members of a US (where else!) Christian militia have been charged with plotting to kill police and trying to wage war on the United States government.
“Prosecutors allege they were just days away from planning to kill a policeman and then launching an attack at his funeral with homemade bombs.
Court documents said the group would then retreat to one of several "rally points" to "wage war against the government and be prepared to defend in depth with trip-wired and command-detonated anti-personnel improvised explosive devices, ambushes and prepared fighting positions".
The Hutaree website says it is "preparing for the end time battles to keep the testimony of Jesus Christ alive".  More at Time.com

I think I see a pattern developing here and it's very scary!  Again, to quote Richard Dawkins:
No, Pope Ratzinger should not resign. He should remain in charge of the whole rotten edifice – the whole profiteering, woman-fearing, guilt-gorging, truth-hating, child-raping institution – while it tumbles, amid a stench of incense and a rain of tourist-kitsch sacred hearts and preposterously crowned virgins, about his ears.

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