Tuesday, 30 March 2010

“Football” and corporate welfare

I’ve noted before (here and here) that, despite the hype, the NQ Fury are nothing more than a marginal business trying to survive in a crowded market.
But their mouthpiece Glenys Schuntner gave their game-plan away in today’s article in The Bully:
''Having Townsville City Council commit its support was a priority because this is where the club is based and where the most obvious economic value is,'' she said.
''Approaching other governments for support will take time and the process it takes to sign them on can take even longer. There is a fourth group of potential backers (like regional councils and the NT Government) that we haven't got to yet, but see as interested parties who we can approach after April 1.''

They are no more than business-welfare bludgers, apparently expecting the governments of Northern Australia (not just sucker Townsville) to dole them out - presumably because local businesses have worked out that sponsoring them would be money down the drain

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