Friday, 5 March 2010

Rumours heard this week

Heard around town this week:

Rumour #1
Mayor-in-waiting David Crisafulli has put the kybosh on any of his “independent” Councillor colleagues putting their hand up for the LNP preselection race for Herbert.

It’s not that he’s particularly concerned that the punters will twig to the fact that the “independents” were actually a LNP ticket all along. Rather he’s worried that if someone like Cr Dale Last (just for the sake of argument of course) were in the Herbert race and lost, as Crisafulli and everyone else (including Peter Lindsay) expect they will, the profile they would gain in the process would provide a platform for Dale them to run against him in the Mayoral race and he’s determined to keep that one for himself.

In a similar vein, I bet Crisafulli is pis*ed of at the Bully’s parking ticket story today – despite ¾ of the article quoting his press release, Dale Last gets the three-column photo!!

Rumour #2

It seems that The Bulletin’s preferred LNP candidate for Herbert and part-time economist, Colin Dwyer, isn’t getting much support inside the party and in fact hasn’t since his failed tilt at Mundingburra in the State election. I also hear that his missus is putting the pressure on for him to “get a real job”.

Rumour #3
The towns wannabe king makers at The Bulletin are slowly beginning to realise that their campaign for Mooney as the ALP candidate for Herbert is a lost cause as he doesn’t have the support of the local branches, the AWA and the party heavies in Brisbane, or (despite the Bully’s beat-ups to the contrary) the people that count on the national executive. Expect them to start their Mooney-for-Mayor campaign in a month or so.

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