Friday, 5 March 2010

Noel Pearson under attack by Coen Parents

I’ve often wondered when Noel Person’s fiefdom and his dominance as the Right-wing's preferred voice of blackfellas would start to unravel. Perhaps this story in the Cairns Post heralds the beginning with the mob in the Cape questioning his approach on education:
"Nearly 30 parents, guardians or carers of students at Coen State School have threatened to withdraw their children from classes unless there is a return to the "mainstream education system".
They have slammed the teaching method, called Direct Instruction, and called for "Noel Pearson’s group" to leave."
Perhaps sooner rather than later we will hear others from around the State publically voicing their concerns about both his approach and his track-record of sucking a disproportionate share if "Indigenous affairs" resources into his organisations and his mob’s country.

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