Wednesday, 10 March 2010

The race is on – But who will the Bulletin back?

So the Bulletin has discovered that both Jenny Hill and Tony Mooney will run for ALP preselection for Herbert.

Local ALP members of course worked this out a while ago when Mooney started sending out letters seeking support.
As for Wetherup’s speculation that recent ALP rule changes “could have a major impact on how local members vote, and even a locally preferred candidate could lose” – I really don’t follow. It has always been the case that a locally preferred candidate could lose if their vote was overturned by the electoral council.
With the electoral council outcome to now be known at least two days before the local plebiscite, I would have thought that if anything, local members will come out in force if they don’t like the electoral council to result.

As for whom the Bulletin will be backing? While I know that their preferred style is to always put the boys before the girls, could their listing of a former Mayor ahead of a sitting Councillor in their opening paragraph be a giveaway? – I suspect so.

Finally, what's with the bullet-ridden pic on the front page of The Bully?  If a yoof took such a picture to school, they'd be all over it with cries of "bully" and "kids out of control

PS: - Has anyone else noticed that Mooney’s nose seems to have spread since losing the Mayor’s throne? Too much of the red wine good life as a consultant me-thinks.

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