Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Movers & shakers, Bulletin cash-cows or welfare bludgers?

The article in today’s Bulletin which has this big end of town rating Townsville City Council is a laugh. How did they expect these business-welfare bludgers to rate the golden goose?:
  • Laurence Lancini - his some-day Flinders Plaza Development will be the major beneficiary from the $56 million Mall redevelopment
  • Tony Ireland – whose car sales are a major beneficiary from the $30 million Reid Park dinosaur racing track
  • Trevor Goldstone – Council is the principal sponsor of Townsville Enterprise
  • Richard Ferry – a major profiteer from the Council approved Rocky Spring development
Interestingly and apart from all of these being major purchasers of advertising in The Bulletin, the real creators of wealth in this city like the Port Authority, the Armed forces, Sun Metals, Yabulu etc apparently weren’t invited to comment.

A vox-pop of the punters that are paying for all of this corporate welfare would have been much more instructive

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