Tuesday, 16 March 2010

It’s a bit late for that

Today’s front place splash in The Bulletin “Let’s get this one right” is wrong on two counts:
  • The closing of the Mall to traffic in the early ‘80s wasn’t wrong – it was in fact incredibly successful - until the rise of the suburban (car-centric) shopping malls.
  • It’s a bit late to hope that TCC has “got it right”
Mayor-in-waiting David Crisafulli’s comment in the page four article that follows is a bit of a giveaway:
“What we’re doing is a catalyst that will lead to investment for private enterprise”
I’m sure he meant “…by private enterprise” be he’s actually right as quoted – it’s a subsidy to the profit sector (and Lancini’s planned some-day Flinders Plaza Development in particular).

It’s $56,000,000 worth of business welfare, pure-and-simple.

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