Monday, 8 March 2010

Local insulation installer speaks-out

I received the following press release from a local insulation business and thought it was worth reprinting in full.

Fortunately some of the shonky insulation operators are now facing the full force of industrial law (see for example, here and here). I’m sure there are a lot more convictions to come – as there should be!
Long established insulation provider AllSafe Energy Efficient Products has spoken out in support of the federal government’s cancellation of the Insulation Rebate Scheme. The company’s senior management claim that many have lost sight of the goal of the Insulation Rebate Scheme.
David Jordan, General Manager for AllSafe said that “I think all would agree that the when insulation rebates were launched in February last year, our economy was entering a global financial crisis”.
“The key goals were to stimulate the economy, reduce unemployment and improve the sustainability and comfort of homes for the average Australian family”. “I firmly believe that packages such as the Insulation Rebate Scheme softened the blow of the GFC.”
The federal government’s initiative is not a new concept, both the Western Australian and Victorian state governments have run schemes offering rebates for ceiling insulation to homeowners.
Mr Jordan went on to say “our outlets are franchisees, meaning they are Mum’s and Dad’s operating small to medium sized businesses over the longer term.”

“They understand that the rebate scheme always had a life span attached to it and have therefore ensured their efforts in insulation were diversified to cover more than just rebate business”. “Needless to say however they have been exceedingly grateful for the leg up the rebates provided through what would have otherwise been tough times.”

When asked about the quality of training on offer for installers and the deaths associated with the insulation scheme Mr Jordan said “If anything the insulation scheme heightened the level of training required for insulation installers that had been lacking previously.”
"In Queensland for instance licensing for insulation installers was removed by the QBSA in 2000, the training required under the scheme was significantly greater than the requirements in place after 2000.”
“Ultimately, I think most Australian’s understand the common sense point of view that in any industry there will always be shonks infringing to suit their own financial motives.” “Mr Garrett and I share the same view that the removal of the scheme as it was being run will reduce the number of shonks”
“In short employers need to be held responsible for the health and safety of their employees and manufacturers have a responsibility to ensure their product is fit for purpose and safe for use, with clear installation instructions on all packaging.”

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