Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Is it Latham resurrected or Turnbull reincarnate?

The Mad Monk can’t seem to decide on the persona that he’s going to run with.

First there was all of the macho “check me out in my speedos” – a bit reminiscent of Mark Latham’s “Macklin is as useful as pockets in your underpants.”

Now today we learn that, in the tradition of MalcontentTurnbull, his party knew nothing (and don’t much like) his (lets shift the focus off of health reform) Maternity Leave Plan - the plan you have when you’re not having a policy.

Mind you, he could be channelling either of them (and Barney-the-rabble Joyce as well) with the whole homophobic "Gays" thing!

Me thinks this is going to be a very long weird year

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