Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Thank god the Prince has abdicated

Cross posted in full from ABC News online:
Liberal MP chided for Defence leak
The Member for Herbert, Peter Lindsay, passed the information given to Parliament's Standing Committee on Public Works to a journalist from the Townsville Bulletin, who used it as the basis of a story last week.
He has apologised for the disclosure, but committee member and Labor MP, Roger Price, says it is a serious matter and has asked the House of Representatives Speaker, Harry Jenkins, to consider the issue.

"The committee needs to be able to discuss commercially sensitive matters, financial options and tendering processes in a frank and open manner with government agencies," Mr Price said.

"In the committee's opinion, the action by the Member for Herbert has eroded the trust that the committee has built with agencies, and the Department of Defence in particular.

Mr Price told Parliament Mr Lindsay made a serious error of judgement.

"The full extent of the consequences of this event will only become apparent in the future," he said.

"Nonetheless, the committee concludes that the unauthorised release of this information may substantially interfere with the future work of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Public Works. "

Mr Jenkins is expected to make a ruling on the matter this week.
You have to keep in mind that this goose was the Shadow Defence Parliamentary Secretary - until the Mad Monk sacked him for hitching his wagon to the Turnbull train wreck.

Some of his other achievements indiscretions are listed here

No great loss to either the defence forces or Townsville it seems. 

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