Thursday, 28 January 2010

Preselection for Herbert - the never-ending story

You heard it online here first – about 12 hours before the Bully ran the story online.

The most interesting things in The Bulletin’s online coverage of Peter Lindsay’s abdication from the throne of Herbert are:
  • Mayor-in-waiting Crissafulli’s indication that his missus won’t let him nominate for the Lib’s preselection (as apparently won’t Kim Faithful, the V8 event manager)
  • Serial publicity seeker and failed LNP candidate for Mundingburra, Colin Dwyer, is interested in nominating - if they’ll have him (and if they believe that “somebody who understands economics” is a prerequisite for a successfully candidacy)
  • Mooney staying coy about whether he’ll nominate as the ALP candidate
I also liked this online Opinion piece (un-attributed) which doesn’t seem to appear in the hardcopy version and which rightfully points out Lindsay’s failings:
  • He has consistently lied to his electorate about his intentions of re-standing
  • His lap of honour last year, “…a global study tour to 13 different countries at a significant cost to the taxpayer.”
  • His amateurish effort to Photoshop himself into the study tour report, faking his photograph at a Beirut war cemetery.
  • His tawdry plagiarism, with huge slabs of his report lifted straight from Wikipedia and other sources.
As the piece asks: “For taxpayers, the question is; why did Peter Lindsay go on an overseas junket last year if he knew two years ago that he was getting out?

As for Lindsay’s list of achievements that he’d like recorded in the history books – everybody (the Bully, Lindsay, the Libs etc) are kidding themselves if they really think a backbencher or Parliamentary Secretary (read letter-signer and inconsequential speech maker for the Minister) can influence a decision like the transfer of a new battalion (3RAR) to Townsville is having a lend of themselves

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