Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Herbert – the abdication

Well I was wrong! – Peter Lindsay will not be standing for the Libs in Herbert at the federal election later in the year.
But the really good news is that Barney Joyce won’t be either!
The most intriguing thing about the article announcing The Prince’s abdication is the statement that he told the party that he wouldn’t renominate some two years ago but “there was a strategic reason for not publicly announcing that until now”

So I suppose the big question now is whether Crisafulli’s missus will let him off the leash to play in Canberra or will the Libs come up with a surprise celebrity??

If you're really interested, Lindsay's retirement press release is available here.  It includes his version of his page in Australia's Political History book - don't worry - it will be edited down to a sentence before publication.

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