Thursday, 10 February 2011

Yasi repair priorities

The Erosion Patrol article in today's Townsville Bulletin about repairing the city's beaches says heaps about both the Bulletin's ability to critically appraise the spin that comes out of Council and Council's priority setting for its Yasi clean-up efforts.

From the article we learn that:
  • Rich idiots built/brought a house on a foreshore sanddune in the city's northern beaches
  • The sea persistantly tries to reclaim it's dune
  • Nobody is responsible for approving the developments or choosing to live in them
  • All taxpayers are responsible for restoring these front yards (and property values)
You'd also assume that, after the Strand, these were the only beaches damaged by Yasi's storm surge.  Mayor Tyrell (or should that be Mayor-in-wanting, the very quiet Dale Last) and the Bulletin would be much better informed if they actually visited that other suburb, Magnetic Island.  If they did they'd see damage like this on the Nelly Bay foreshore:

By my reckoning, this part of Nelly Bay has lost about 15 metres of beachfront!
I would have thought that Tyrell or Last would have worked out by now that:
  1. Magnetic Island is Townsville's prime tourism asset and as such produce an economic benefit for the whole city,
  2. Part of the Island's sales pitch is it's 23 beaches,
  3. Beachfront mansions in Bushland Beach are of no productive benefit to the city or its economy
Naive me! 

I also learn in the Bully's hardcopy that Mayor Les has actually flown over the Island in a helicopter.  I wish I'd known - I'd have given him the finger back

Footnote:  I should also point out that, while the damage in the pics was caused by Yasi's storm surge, the reason for the damage is the reshaping of the Bay when the western end was blow-up, bulldozed and filled-in to make the Nelly Bay Harbour which you can just see the beginning of in the bottom two pics.

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lemonyofthestate said...

I always thought it was madness that homes were allowed to be built so close to the shoreline, all you need is a king tide / storm surge / tsunami / cyclone and you can wave goodbye to your house. Madness. Same goes for reclaimed land.. i.e peppers and bright point developments, they have already subsided 3cm since being built - if you go down into their underground car parks there are massive cracks appearing in the walls. In my opinion it all boils down to greed and convenient lack of forsight. I'll have no sympathy for people who bought house a few metres from the beach, coastal erosion is not a matter of if, but when!