Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Cyclone Yasi hits Magnetic Island - the pics

A week after Yasi started getting serious, the Island is slowly being cleaned up.  For those who have enquired, here are my phone pics of the aftermath. (Not to self: Next time don't use your precious mobile charge to take pics!)
Picnic Bay after Yasi - looking more like the after effects of a super-drought or bushfire

Yasi's cruelest damage.  Picnic Bay Jetty, so familiar to all of those generations who's ferry trip to the Island started and ended with a walk down the Jetty.  If we are lucky, Council and the Port Authority will leave us with maybe half.  If we are really lucky they will cut off it's 'head'.  Given neither authority wants the burden of maintaining it, there is a real danger of losing it altogether

Picnic Bay - one street back from the foreshore. One old paperbark down
and the rest stripped of leaves and bark. Their trunks appear bright orange/pink the morning after.

Yule St Picnic Bay

Trees stripped bare on the Picnic Bay Golf Course

Our Place - Before and after the initial clean-up

Our Nelly Bay house - on the way home from the beach
on the morning after

Bob's Nelly Bay BBQ - the site of many a Sunday lunch, kids birthday
 and meeting of the right wing of the Townsville ALP

Almost high tide on the morning after.
Storm surge damage on the road to X Base and Picnic Bay

After the storm surge and high tide. 50cm of sand on the road to Picnic Bay

Lost!  The morning after and this Black Cocky (Red Tail) let me get within a metre.
The island flock seem to have got separated during the storm and spend a couple
of days after looking for each other.  The 10-12 strong flock seems to be back together again.

Nelly Bay Harbour.  The little boxes of ticky tacky survived but not their sales pitch

Nelly Bay Harbour.  Hard to see, but some people don't know how to tie up their boat.
But Johnny Elliton does - his recently launched, home built trimaran didn't move an inch

Hoop Pine down on the Picnic-Arcadia hill

Geoffrey Bay foreshore

High Tide Horseshoe Bay the morning after

Horseshoe Bay looking West - The storm surge was hours earlier
Horseshoe Bay looking West a few days later

Horseshoe Bay looking East towards the shops

Horseshoe Bay after the road was opened

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