Tuesday, 11 January 2011

The (never ending) Queensland Floods

What do you say about a disaster like the Queensland floods? The loss of life and horrendous property and environmental damage is just astounding.

As someone who has been through flash flooding in both the Flinders Ranges and the Todd Creek, I have a fairly good idea of the terror and helplessness many down south must be experiencing right now. 

There is plenty of other content online which I won't try to reproduce or match here but, for me, this BOM graph of river levels on  the Lockyer Creek at Helidon says it all really:

"Mother nature has unleashed something shocking out of the Toowoomba region. What we have here in Queensland is a very grim and desperate situation" - Premier Anna Bligh
I was expecting the fruitcakes and global warming denialists to start coming out of the woodwork about now and I haven't been let down - see this item just in about 'christian' 'pastor' Daniel Nalliah from the Catch the Fire Ministries who has written on his website that Kevin Rudd is responsible for the floods because he "spoke against Israel" in December 2010 by calling on the Jewish state to allow international inspectors into its nuclear facilities

These fundamentalists (be they religious or political) are what give rise to that other big news story - the Arizona shootings - but that's for another post

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