Saturday, 11 December 2010

I can see the smoke from The Bully already

I reckon I can see the smoke coming from Bully Headquaters as they read the latest post over at The Maggie's Nest.  You see, the old Maggie has published the latest circulation catastorpie at the Bully under editor Gleeson's watch - a 4.2% fall in the last quaterly audit - on top of the previous 10% fall I posted about here.

I wonder whether, as a result, the old 'pie will get an editorial dressing down similar to the one I recieved?  Or perhaps 'Typo' Gleeson* will be too busy looking over his sholder for Murdoch's crack accountants death squad.

* The term "Typo" Gleeson is completely the invention of The Magpie and less demafitory than anything I could think of.  It is used with permission (I hope)

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Mr Gee said...

Is it my imagination or is the syntax and tone of the lengthy "anonymous" post on the Magpie in response to the criticism of the Bulletin very similiar to the "anonymous" responses on Blogging Townsville whenever the quality, content or ethics of our esteemed local journal were questioned? No wonder the Bulletin is sliding down the slippery slope towards oblivion (and Mr Gleeson no amount of pretty pictures, colour graphics and other tricks of style will make up for what is an obvious lack of substance) as it wopuld appear that most senior staff must spend their days trawling through the blogosphere rooting out "anti-bulletin blog evil". Don't they know that all they have to do is produce a better written, better balanced whole of community centred publication and the south bound circulation numbers will start heading north again.