Thursday, 4 November 2010

Sex shame or just plain pedophilia?

I find the headline highlighted below fascinating. 

Pedophile becomes sex shame teacher when it happens in a private school (or is that, a private school formally attended by many of Courier Mail's elite?)

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Stop Murdoch said...

Yes, quite well put. They really hate state schools and Rupe is on record saying that teachers must be destroyed (or something like that).

Just reading the latest ho-hum book from yet another Murdoch staffer who got the shaft (Guthrie's 'Man Bites Murdoch'). They just don't get it. Anyway, here he explains the front page at the Hun which they ran for Rupe's benefit when they knew he was in town:

"Page one that day featured a whopping great mulloway that a professional fisherman had caught on our behalf in the Yarra as part of a series we had done on the health of the river, and our page-one lead reported that bullying and violence were growing in state schools. Both had been hand-picked - education was a favourite subject of Murdoch's and the fish story restated our preferred role of being a paper that cared about its city."

Rupert tells him how great the paper is (just before giving him the arse), and he says: "We're trying every day to give our readers stories they won't be able to get anywhere else"!!

Well, of course they won't get that story anywhere else! You've just told us you fabricated it!

As for their hatred for state schools, how does Guthrie think that is an "education" story? Of course, it panders to Rupe's wants so it must be front-page news.