Monday, 22 November 2010

Ewen Jones's recent appearances

The following is today's RSS fee from for The Big Ewe.

Yep! you got it - The Big Ewe's contruibution to the national debate last Monday was just four words:  Yassous, Yassous, Dawson and (yes) Dawson.


Anonymous said...

Actually, the 18th was a Thursday and a quick search on found some other speeches from that same week that you didn't seem to think deserved a note.

Ewen spoken on the very important issue of Blackey's Crossing and giving taxpayers greater transparency of how their hard-eraned cash is spent.

I know it's easy to have a dig by picking comments out of context... but sometimes readers need more.

Island View said...

Point taken Anon. I wuz wrong - it should be "Didn't The Big Ewe make an excellent contribution on THURSDAY 18 Nov. 2010?"

It's good to hear that other days that week were more meaningfull.

P.S. Good to know Ewen's Staff read the blog - I just though it was Bulletin staffers!