Friday, 1 October 2010

ALP 2010 Election Review

The ALP Have set up a website for anyone to make submissions to their national review of the Election Campaign.  Here's my two-bobs worth
I'll keep it to the point:
1)  In Herbert, the Federal/Rudd intervention to preselect Mooney was a huge blunder - lots of bagage with the punters and little support (even loathing) in the Branches

2)  Herbert seems to be like many other electorates in the lack of talent available among our (ALP) potential candidate pool

3)  More broadly, changing leaders was the right thing to do, going when we did was probably the right thing, the "Rudd leaks" were killers and the campaign was woefull, uncreative and largely missed the point. Campaigns should be managed by tacticians not statiticians (or worse, market researchers) - You know what I mean John!

4)  We seem to have forgotten that we weren't elected in '07 because of Rudd - it was because the punters want the big issues addressed. Since then we've played the same small target we've played since we lost Keating as leader and have suffered the consequences.

5)  I don't envy your task
Two-bob is better than nothing!

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