Monday, 18 October 2010

0.01% of Townsville citizens can't be wrong

Today's Bulletin includes a report on the Townsville Residents Against Crime rally at the Showgrounds (talk about wishful thinking) for the community to express their concern about law and order in the city.

Presumably the outrage from the 20 citizens who attended led the Bulletin to 'observe' that "the group is also concerned about the growing itinerant problem in the CBD..."  

(Of course the Bulletin did actually attend the rally didn't they? - not just a call to the organiser after? - surely not?  And speaking of the rally organiser, Mark Smith, by my account this is his third attempt to stir the masses who are right now cringing in their homes, hiding from marauding bands of criminals, 'itinerents' and, even worse, yoof)

So, now it is on the public record and to be repeated forever in Dale Last's mayoral election campaign (I bet he was one of the 20!) - the "itinerant problem" is growing!!
0.01% of Townsville have spoken!!

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Stop Murdoch said...

Nearly choked on my Friday night chops when watching 'Stateline'.

PETER GLEESON, TOWNSVILLE BULLETIN EDITOR: You'd have to say that they've got some real challenges at the next election in a couple of seats up here. Traditionally a very Labor orientated city, but I don't think it will be that way at the next election.

JESSICA van VONDEREN: Peter Gleeson is the editor of the Townsville Bulletin. He says his readers had mixed feelings about Anna Bligh's presence this week.

PETER GLEESON: Look I think there's been some cynicism, some people have suggested it's a stunt, but I mean it's better than the alternative isn't it. At least she's here. She's living and breathing the city. She's understanding what makes Townsville tick.