Monday, 30 August 2010

Who really won in Herbert?

Slim raises an interesting point below about the recent campaign in Herbert. 

Judging by my letterbox and my TV habits, the LNP outspent the ALP 3:1!  So who exactly stumped up for Ewin What's-his-name?

Either the developers as Slim suggests or perhaps Big Clive P (a former property developer, now coal developer - basically the same MO though)?

One thing Slim is dead right about for sure - the property developers about town would have invested enough in each campaign to ensure that there would be a return for them no matter who won!

As for No Raffles at Mooney's wake? - I reckon he's petrified that no one will turn-up so he's simply eliminating the disincentives!

And finally, I thought a lot about whether Slim uses Ned's last words appropriately...and, yep!

Slim writes:
No Raffles at an ALP function? Has he quit the party as well?
The land developers must have come up with the big green notes - sometimes referred to as a "Jolly Green Giant"
Who else is known as as "Jolly Green Giant"?  Why Ewan Jones of course.
The land developers win every which way.
Such is life.

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Slim Cayenne said...

Major problem with political bribes is that the voters will not get the data until early 2011 at the earliest, and then only if the amount is larger than $10,000. It smells, really awful.