Thursday, 19 August 2010

Peter Lindsay's final rort?

Sim writes:
Well we have all been waiting such a very long time for the swan song of the Hon. Peter Lindsay.

Here it is folks.

One more run on the public purse, but for whose benefit?

This document is clearly set out to deceive the voting public during an election campaign.

The document does not have an "authorised by" nor a "printed by" acknowledgement.

The document was personally addressed using the electronic electoral roll facilities and other taxpayer-funded office equipment available to sitting members.

The document contains the idea that the Coalition candidate has the authority to decide that for the Seat of Dawson there will be two electorate offices.


Hope he doesn't let the door belt him on the arse on the way out.



Anonymous said...

You have got so many facts wrong in this article that I don't know where to start.

The letter does NOT need an authorisation, or printed by statement because it is a personal letter.

I can't see where the letter says that it was printed using tax payers dollars. You have made that assumption without any proof whatsoever.

You're obviously not aware that the electoral roll is public in this country and therefore there would not have been any tax payer funds used in obtaining the roll.

Once again this site has been used to propagate crap to support the ALP.

Island View said...

Hey Slim - I've got $10 on Anonymous (in this instance) being Peter Lindsay ;-)

Anonymous said...

wasted $10.

Double or nothing that I continue to leave comments holding you to account