Tuesday, 1 June 2010

The Government Mining Tax Adds are a response to a national emergancy

Contrary to the confected outrage being expressed by the Murdoch press and the Federal Opposition at the Government’s citing ‘national emergency” as the reason for their $38 million add campaign about Mining Super Profits Tax, I actually agree with the Government on this on. Getting a fair price for our non-renewable resources is an issue of critical national importance – at least as much so as deciding as a nation whether to go to war.

Unlike those issues however, in this instance we have some of the largest corporations in the world running a bottomless and extremely misleading media and advertising campaign against the proposition that as a nation we should must get the best possible price for our assets. Such a self-interested campaign is a threat to our national well being.

Recommended reading on the Mining Super Profits Tax:
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or just about anything here by Fairfax's Peter Martin and in particular this table that he discovered in the Budget Papers:
'Nuf said, I reckon

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