Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Can Tony Mooney really use a computer - Slim seems to think yes!

Hi Islander,

Another coup for the Mooney family as they have scored a spot in the NBN Co fibre optic broadband trial:
But only just though as the eastern border of the trial area is less than 100 metres from the back of their house in Kelly Street, Mundingburra.

Just a coincidence you think? It's a funny old boundary that eastern boundary, isn't it? It's sort of China Street, but includes the houses on the eastern side of China Street, so that makes it a bit of an odd shape when their back fences become the border. Does that matter? Why China Street anyway?

If they had of wanted a nice straight boundary, they could of run from, say Charlotte Street to Bowen Road or Thompson Street to Bowen Road or a few other combinations.

But why have a straight boundary, when you can have a bent one?

You remember how we love to speculate?

Well how about one of the outrageously overpaid bum shiners in the NBN Co being none other than Mike Kaiser, a maaaaaattttte of Tony's from the old days - branch stacking, Karen Ehrmann, paying other's branch memberships, Andy Keogh, Shane Foster, forging electoral documents, Jenny Hill, bags of AWU and SDA money, dodgey pre-selections, misuse of ratepayers' funds etc.

But no, the boundary was done to suit the Herbert hopeful - to use the terminology of your good friends at the Bully!

So we have the next greatest rort of taxpayers' funds by the Another Liberal Party - the fibre optic cable roll-out! The next great distraction from Senator Stephen Conroy (SDA).

Trying so very hard to out do all the similar schemes the other Liberal Party ran from 1996 to 2007.

Do you think it might be as bad as the insulation scheme? Or the Building the Education Revolution? Or the mining tax puffrey advertising scheme?

You can bet your house that it will be!

How many other Another Liberal Party members live in the area? Nice to know? Anyone give a stuff?

It smells real bad from the Slim View! How is it from the Island View?



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Dee said...

Telstra gets to dump its USO and the taxpayers will pay through the nose as Telstra will ramp up its concept of charging at a rate they think will be what the "market can bare" ... exorbitant; just so the CEO and mates can get paid an absolute shipload ... this smells really bad ... another rort in the making?

See Crikey 21 June at: