Wednesday, 26 May 2010

What is going on in conservative politics?

First the LNP in Qld started to implode:
07 March - Revelations that four Queensland LNP members fail to ask a question in Parliament
16 April   - Prominent Queensland Young LNP activist Nick Sowden, shows his racist colours in a very public twitter post
05 May   - Beaudesert MP Aidan McLindon and Burnett MP Rob Messenger quit the party
11 May   - Wendy Richardson, Former LNP candidate for Barron River up Cairns way resigns
20 May   - High profile Brisbane City LNP Councillor Nicole Johnston resigns.
20 May   - Federal LNP MP Michael Johnson gets turfed-out of the party for his shady fundraising
Today     - LNP staffer quits John-Paul Langbroek's office over 'dirty political tactics'

And now comes the news that former PM Malcom Fraser has quit the Liberal Party in protest at their shift to the right!
Very weird (and certainly not a good look)
From Paul Norton  commenting at John Quiggin's Blog:
Q: What is the difference between The Simpsons and the Liberal-National Party?
A: One is a dysfunctional family of hilariously comic individuals, the other is a cartoon series created by Matt Groening.

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