Thursday, 8 April 2010

What's the story here?

The Bulletin’s page two today headlined “Minister admits Northern District cop stations are understaffed” seems to miss the point – or is a beat-up – or both.

The article quotes the Northern Region as being under-staffed by 10 officers against a full complement of 748 – a vacancy rate of 1.3%. The Townsville District is understaffed by 8 officers out of 520 positions – a vacancy rate of 1.5%.

Opposition police spokesperson Vaughn Johnson and, even more so, the Bully would have us believe that this is tantamount to either a pending crisis in policing numbers or evidence of Ministerial or bureaucratic mismanagement.

Seems to me though, the story should have recognised that, with these sorts of vacancy rates, the Qld coppers are a long way ahead of many other sectors of the economy including mining

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