Friday, 23 April 2010

Getting up The Bulletin's nose?

I was going to post in response to Bulletin's front page and editorial on the parkies yesterday but ran out of time.

The leaking of the police report quoted so extensively in the story is interesting - presumably it was done so by the coppers? Or could it have been Cr Dale Last perhaps?

If so, it's a dangerous game for them to be playing I would have thought. Especially when the report seems to be so bad.

As reported by the Bully, it's filled with unsubstantiated claims and wild accusations such as ''Many groups and organisations tender for public monies to deliver a specific service to a variety of target groups and then fail to deliver that service.'' and ''The State Government currently provides about $7 million annually to a variety of groups who often do not deliver their tendered service."

That of course wouldn't stop The Bully.  They also ran one of their meandering Editorials on the subject (not online) in which are included the words hightlighted in the pic.

I got very excited there for a while about what seemed to be proof that Blogging Townsville was getting up the editor's nose - after all, I'm plenty guilty of accusing The Bully of playing the race card.

But then realised he was talking about latte drinkers and I'm strictly a double shot long black sort of guy!

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