Friday, 12 March 2010

Worth a read

10 stories to make you think (or chuckle)
  1. Now here's an investment that might actually get people into Townsville's down-town ghost-town mall would be a damn sight cheaper than the $56.6m being spent on the current redevelopment
  2. And I thought The Bulletin was good at yoof bashing: Pot Holes in Crack Alley
  3. Just in case you didn't see deputy opposition leader Julie Bishop on Q&A this week- Respect Her Religious Beliefs Or She Will Eat Your Soul (Via The Orstrahyun).  See also this Facebook page
  4. Is the national curriculum a Marxist plot?
  5. My dream car runs on coffee and I'd much rather see this going around in circles on Reid Park than dinosaur V8s
  6. And I thought The Bulletin was good at beat-ups: News Ltd beat up (it's a Murdoch thing it seems)
  7. This is even more stupid and un-news-worthy than the Michael Clarke/Laura Bingle rubbish that has been filling the mainstream media all week: Boyfriend of Brumby's daughter ejected from casino
  8. Americans are weird: cheese made from breast milk
  9. No, Americans are really stupid!  This is presumably what they mean when they say that "it's not guns that kill people, it's people that kill people"
  10. Australia's boat people "problem" put into perspective


Anonymous said...

Oh and you making it where you have to approve the comment first - nice move. Heaven forbid someone should argue against your standing, right?

Anonymous said...

Re: No. 8 and 9 of your post - for one the article about the toddler is nowhere near funny and by you saying that its good for a think (or chuckle), I can't imagine your humor would really please the masses. Children dying is not a funny topic and you make it sound like here's a hilarious story.

AND Australians aren't exactly the cream of the crop - I've seen some of the stupid news lines that run in Australia and the lack of interest your gov. has in correcting the issues - i.e. hoons and people dying from one punch, not to mention the amt. of teenagers that parents are actually GIVING them cigarettes and alcohol oh and let's not forget the fact that you have incredibly outdated laws on being able to protect yourself without using "excessive force." You also have issues with children dying of drowning while either the parent is sitting there or in the house where the child has miraculously escaped from a locked door. How's that for stupid? In the States millions of people have pools and we don't have NEARLY the drowning deaths that your country does.

Stop bashing others and think about your own backyard first.

Island View said...

@ Anonymous #2 Please see the Blog's Rules of Engagement page. Providing comments meet those rules they get published without moderation