Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Townsville Council - leaders in change management? I don't think so

Expect yet another reorganisation within Council soon – probably around budget time.

It seems that staff are beginning to learn of changes to their jobs and positions in the organisation but in typical Council style it appears that it is being managed appallingly.

I hear that staff are one day learning that they are to “lose their job” and are then being left hanging for a few days before it is explained that they are actually being shifted to a new function or position in the organisation.
All this is apparently resulting in many tears and much anguish, including among staff of 15 and 20 years standing – not a very smart way of managing major organisational change and certainly not a smart way of building morale in an organisation that is already wracked with extraordinary levels of staff dissatisfaction.

It also appears that the reorganisation will do nothing about the top-heavy nature of the organisation and may well result in even more chiefs to manage the indians

Perhaps Council should have engaged and change management consultant rather than an organisational design consultant!

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