Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Could this be the mansion that the V8’s built?

As we predicted here, it seems that Tony Ireland has been the big beneficiary of the annual dinosaur race and the $30 million spent on what has become a 360-day a year white elephant"
Ireland Holden shifts through gears


Anonymous said...

So Island View, we can all assume that you don't enjoy the V8 racing then.

Back to your deck chair and retirement.

Island View said...

@Anon - thanks for the comment. My major problem with V8 racing is using my taxes to subsidise it (and by extension, Tony Ireland's business).

As a businessman who'll be working a lot longer than you this evening in order to pay my bills and who can't suck on the public teat like the inefficient motor industry (or the media industry that earns massive advertising income from it), I do object to dinosaur racing - actually

PS - don't forget to vote on my poll