Thursday, 11 March 2010

The battle when you're not having a battle

So, the first battle for Herbert begins.

Both Jenny Hill and Tony Mooney have nominated for ALP preselection and we learn today that, contrary to previous reports from ALP state office, the preselection decision is to be made by the national executive of the party and not by local members.

From what I’m hearing around the traps,
the party should expect to see lots of resignations by local members in protest in coming months. And if Mooney should win as the Bulletin is punting, I also expect that he will have some serious problems getting people to “man” the booths for him when the time comes.

Finally, the Bully reports at length today on the PM’s ‘endorsement” of Mooney. Of course these are words from one of the PM’s media minders, not the PM (do you really think the PM would take the time out to give a quote to The Bulletin?). I wonder whether the Bully thought to ask the minder what view as of Jenny Hill as candidate? – I expect not.

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